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If you would like to  variety  your holiday , we offer a list of places that you could  visit through your stay. For your convenience we put the open hours of each place, ticket prices and telephone number.



In the archaeological museum of Balchik you will find the exposure presented in chronological history of the town  since its appearance in the VI. BC till XXth century . The exhibition includes collections of archaeological finds discovered in Balchik and the surrounding areas .

The museum is open whole  year round for visitors

Address:. Balchik, 9600, ul. "Dimitar Zhelev" № 2

Tel: 0879 998 940

Opening hours for visitors:

Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 17:00


Entrance:  Children under 7 years - free

Tickets : from 7 to 18 years old , students and pensioners - 1.00 lev .;

Tickets over  18years old  - 5 lev

Talk - 5.00 lv.








The Palace and the Botanical Garden in Balchik are bit earthly paradise and mandatory for tourists. The complex originated as a summer residence of the former Queen Mary and it  is a wonderful combination between architecture, parks and gardens. In the complex you will find a museum p with permanent and temporary exhibitions, a winery house which offers free wine tasting of own production and a restaurant with lovely  food on the beach.

 Purchased tickets are valid for the whole day and you could combine a visit to the palace with a walk to the town , biking / bike rack near / or just laze on the beach, located in front  of the palace.

 Openning hours: every day from 8.30 to 18.00

 The entrance fee for adults - 12 lev,

 for children from  7 to 18 years - 2 lev,

up to 7 years old - free.

Talk: 30lv. Bulgarian, 50 lev English, French or Russian language

For more information: 0579 76849

The complex is the only one in Bulgaria, which has special lanes for disable people!.







The house is located in Balchik close to the Archeological Museum . It is housed in a restored Renaissance house from the 60s of XIX century, possession of Balchik trader corn-chandler. In the house you will find folk exhibits related to the life of people, authentic objects
clothing and ornaments typical of the local population of this area . Especially impressive are the Dobrudzha fabrics intended for domestic use and for decoration of the home.
Balchik9600,  str. 3 Dimitar Zhelev
mobile: 0879 998 940
Opening hours for visitors:
Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 17:00
Children under 7 years - free
Login persons from 7 to 18 years, students and pensioners - 1.00 lev .;
Login persons over '18 - 5 lev
Talk - 5.00 lev


Tekke  "Ak Yazil Baba” was the famous temple, revered by Muslims and Christians in the Bulgarian lands in the past. Located near the village of Obrochishte, about 15 km from Balchik and is a shrine Ak Yazil Baba , who was a leader of the dervish order. It is believed that the place has a miraculous power, and religious people soliciting protection of the saint by performing various rituals and served food. The temple is open year round, but winter season by appointment by phone.

Address:  Obrochishte village,  Balchik

For more information: tel. 057 972 177, 0879 998 940

Opening hours for visitors:

Wednesday - Sunday 9:00 to 17:00

Children under 7 years – free

Tickets : from 7 to 18 years, students and pensioners - 1.00 lev .;

Tickets for adults / over 18 years old/ - 5 lev

Talk - 5.00 lev







Touzlata is located only four kilometers from the town of Balchik on the beach. The area is very suitable for recreation and mud treatment . Primary means of  treatment are available mineral water and healing mud. The water temperature is 33 degrees and low mineralization and the  mud has very good physical and chemical properties. It is the main method for the treatment of diseases of the muscle system, peripheral nervous system and spinal cord, as well as gynecological and other diseases.  Tuzla you can reach only with your own transport.

Access to the locality, the beach and the lake is free of charge and open  all year round.


Contact treatment under medical supervision. 0579/72 177 






Near Balchik passes invisible sky highway birds flying from Southeast Europe to Africa. It is the second largest and it is called Via Pontica. If you are in the vicinity during flight and fall-stop opportunity to observe birds  migratory . Rest of the year you could watch 136 species of birds, as 46 of them are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

For more information :

Tourist Information Centre - Balchik, tel. 0579/7 10 87;


Department "Tourism and economic development" - Kavarna, tel. 0570/8 61 10

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Къща/Вила с 2 спални, Балчик Оброчище, 57€

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Къща/Вила с 2 спални, Балчик Бялатa Лагуна, 770€

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Студио, Балчик до морето, 36€

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Къща/Вила с 3 спални, Гурково , 670€

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Апартамент 1-стаен, Балчик Център , 30€

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